Big Buddha Citron Spirit

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Big Buddha Citron Spirit
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California Craft Spirits Gold Medal 2018
2018 Gold Medal
California Mid-State Fair

76 Proof – 38% ABV – 750 ml 

Ingredients: Big Buddha is a Citron flavored Vodka made from 100% Neutral Grain Spirits from Organic Italian Wheat. This is a unique and exciting product created from ancient Citron Fruit grown in California: Buddha Hand and Etrog. The fruit is both macerated and vapor infused in the gin basket on the still.

Tasting notes: Big Buddha Citron Spirit is bursting with luscious lemon citrus essence in aroma and flavor.

How to drink: Enjoy neat, on the rocks, or in a favorite cocktail.


Sparkling Buddha

1 ½ oz of BB Citron Spirit
½ oz citron (or lemon) 
simple syrup
over ice 
topped with club soda

The Buddhatini

1 ½ oz of BB Citron Spirit
¼ oz of citrus liqueur
shake over ice & strain into a martini glass
add lemon zest